Kohima Market

It would be an understatement if we said that markets in North East India are fascinating. Besides the fact that they make for great photography subjects, markets have a lot to tell about the food diversity of a place and what the locals eat. The kind of crop and vegetable diversity one gets to see is simply mind boggling.

And if you happen to be in Nagaland then a lot of crazy kind of meats and creepy crawlys as well. The Kohima market is probably the most interesting one of its kind in North East India . Dog meat, frogs, worms and anything else you can imagine. A visit to the market is a must if you are in Kohima, to understand the culture of the people.


vendor in kohima market

A lady selling Bhut Jolokia ( The spiciest chilly in the world) , oranges and fermented bamboo shoots
silk worm kohimaSilk worms and Wasp Larve (now that’ interesting )

crickets in KohimaNow some Silk Works with Crickets and Snails (in the farthest tub)

Eel in kohima marketEels

frogs in kohima marketFrogs

kohima marketYes they do sell vegetables as well

rat kohima marketHave you seen a Bandicoot being sold anywhere else