Dzongu Homestay, Sikkim

Cascading waterfalls, verdant valleys with glacial streams truly make Dzongu the Hidden Paradise or ‘Mayal Lyang’ as the Lepchas say. An almost virgin territory with a scanty population, it is a beautiful land of dense jungle groves and pristine glacial streams that nurture both the human and natural habitation around.

This region has been the homeland of the Lepchas, the indigenous tribe of Sikkim, since time immemorial . They are a benevolent nature worshiping tribe,  with unique traditions and customs. Though of late many have converted to Buddhism.

Staying with a Lepcha family either in the village of Thingvong or Pasingdang is a unique opportunity to experience the lifestyle of this animist and peace loving community. The tranquility and beauty of the place will completely absorb you.

  • Learn about the indigenous Lepcha community
  • Have local delicacies and learn to cook local dishes
  • Village walks
  • Day treks in the nearby forest
  • Visit Buddhist monasteries

A two hour drive from Gantok gets one to Mangan, the district headquarters of the North and the entry point for Dzongu. From Mangan a further one hour drive through verdant forests accompanied by stunning views brings us to the quaint village of Tingvong or Pasindang.


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