Meghalaya Multi Adventure

Our adrenaline pumping trip to Meghalaya offering thrilling adventures of caving, kayaking , camping and trekking to the root bridges


  • Best Season: November – March
  • Region: Meghalaya
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Activity: Adventure
  • Grade: Easy
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This thrilling trip gives you an opportunity to experience Meghalaya though various adventure activities like, Kayaking Caving and Trekking, while correlating the essence of their culture with the land. We walk through the sacred forests of Mawphlang -learning from them the ancient wisdom of the Khasis, trek to the Double Decker root bridges to be awed by their beauty, jump boulders to navigate the canyon of the Dawki river and kayak up its waters.

In keeping the best for the last, we open up a whole new world by literally taking you underground, into the unexplored world of limestone caves. We navigate through the horizontal cave passages of the opulent Krem Mawmluh; laden with amazing natural formations like stalagmites, stalactites, cave curtains and candles.

All in all, an adrenaline packed trip, with the right balance of adventure and culture.

  • Explore a limestone cave
  • Trek to the Double Decker Root bridges in Cherrapunji
  • Kayaking on the Dawki river
  • Walk in a 200 year old sacred forest
  • Visit Mawlynnong, the cleanest village in Asia
  • Camp at a scenic campsite near a river

Day 1: Guwahati to Shillong 117 kms; Drive time: 4 hours
Pickup from Guwahati airport and drive to Shillong. O/n at Lachaumiere House or similar

Day 2: Shillong Sightseeing
Most part of the day will be spent exploring areas around Shillong. We start our day with a walk in the ancient forests of Mawphlang. The Khasi people of Meghalaya were once animists who believed in the spirits of the forest, maintaining a close relationship with them. In those days every village demarcated a large tract of forest for their sacred rituals, but today Mawphlang is one of the last few villages to maintain this heritage. On our way back we take a brief halt at Shillong peak from where we get panoramic views of entire Shillong.

After lunch we proceed to watch ‘Siat Khnam’ , a local form of archery on which locals gamble. O/n stay at Lachaumiere House or similar

Day 3: Shillong – Mawlynnong – Dawki 90 kms; Drive time: 4 hours
After breakfast we drive to the picturesque village of Mawlynnong, acclaimed to be the cleanest one in all of Asia. Walk through this flower laden village, interacting with the locals to understand what motivates them to keep their village spick and span. Crank up the excitement with a walk to your first ever Root bridge in the neighboring village of Riwai.

After enjoying our local meal in Mawlynnong, continue to Dawki where we stay at a scenic campsite besides a river. O/n in tents

Day 4: Dawki to Cherrapunji 86 kms; Drive time: 3 hours

Today is our day of adventure. In the morning we head down the crystal clear Umgot river for kayaking . And if you break a sweat then jump into its emerald waters for a refreshing swim. We also zip line across the river .

Post lunch drive to Cherrapunji . O/n at Sa-I-Mika Park or similar

Day 5: Caving – Krem Mawmluh
Today head out for an exciting excursion into the unknown world of caves. You will be exploring a cave named Krem Mawmluh. With a total length of over 7kms of cave passages, Krem Mawmluh is situated approximately half a kilometer west of Cherrapunji adjacent to the small hamlet of Mawmluh from which the cave takes its name. The cave’s 7kms contain of passages much of which are fine river passages of impressive proportions, calcite formations of various kinds, waist deep pools, few meters of belly crawl and few climbs.

From the road head you would trek for around 45 minutes to the mouth of the cave. Here you would change into caving gear -a wet suit, caving suit, helmet and headlamp. Under the supervision of an expert caver you would walk, crawl, squeeze and wade through water for 3 hours in the various cave passages. O/n at Sa-I-Mika Park or similar

Day 6: Trek to Double Decker Root bridges
Living Root Bridges are unique live bridges found only in the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. The secondary roots of a species of Indian Rubber Tree Ficus Elastica- are trained over 20-25 years to form these living bridges to cross fast flowing rivers and streams. Some of these bio-engineering wonders are 53 feet, 70 feet, 100 feet long. The Double Decker Root Bridge has two levels. They are very strong, can carry many people at a time and can, perhaps,last 500 years.

The trek passes through some verdant slopes, criss-crossed by streams. At some places the stream has made some natural pondswith emerald blue waters where you can take a dip. The trek is moderately difficult since one needs to descend 2500 feet into the valley and then climb up the same altitude again. O/n at Sa-I-Mika Park or similar

Day 7: Cherapunjee to Guwahati airport 165 kms; Drive time: 5.5 hours
Start early in the morning for our final drop to Guwahati airport. Participants are advised to book their flights departing after 2.30 pm.


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