Nagaland Tribal Tour

A mystical land fabled for its ferocious tribes living amongst verdant mountains, Nagaland draws an alluring picture in the minds of tourists


  •   Best Season: October – May
  •   Region: Nagaland
  •   Duration: 12 days
  •   Activity:  Culture
  •   Grade: Moderate
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A mystical land fabled for its ferocious tribes living amongst verdant mountains, Nagaland indeed draws a very alluring picture in the minds of tourists. The most interesting aspect of Nagaland is to be found in the customs of its diverse tribes like the Ao, Angami, Chakhesang, and Konyak.

The Nagaland Tribal Tour traverses from North of Nagaland, the homeland of the fascinating Konyak tribes, to the South where the Angami tribe dominates. On the way we witness the culture and existence of four of the Naga tribes, getting a feel of their vibrant lifestyle. One would also trek through verdant forests, relishing the beauty mother nature has bestowed on this land.

  • Visit villages of Konyak tribe, who were once headhunters
  • Experience the culture of three different tribes of Naglanad
  • Taste local cuisine and brew
  • Head out for picturesque village walks
  • See a cultural performance
  • Interact with local artisans like shawl weavers and basket weavers

Day 1: Dibrugharh

Pickup from Dibrughar airport and check into your hotel. In the evening go for a walk on the banks of the Brahmaputra river. O/n at a hotel in Dibrugarh

Day 2: Dibrughar to Mon

Mon is the home town of the Konyak Nagas who were once feared head hunters , but are today known for their facial tattoos, as also for their wood carving and gun making skills. O/n at a hotel in Mon

Day 3: Mon

Visit Lungwa village which shares its boundary with Myanmar, the international boundary runs through the Anhg’s (chief)house. It is said that the Angh eats in Nagaland but sleeps in Myanmar. O/n at a hotel in Mon

Day 4: Mon

Explore Chanmoho and Chulli villages where you can still find people with tattooed faces. The village has a plethora of traditional houses made with bamboo and thatched palm leaves . The locals are famous for their craftsmanship in not only bamboo and wood work but also in gum making. O/n at a hotel in Mon

Day 5: Mon to Mokukchung

Drive to Mokukchung which is the of the Ao Nagas. The district is dotted with many Ao villages, some of which you will visit. O/n at a hotel in Mokukchung

Day 6: Mokukchung

In the first half of the day visit the village of Mopungchuket considered the cleanest village in all of Nagaland. Meandering thorough the flower laden paths walk to the tower of ‘Eteben’ where you will learn the story of the local Romeo and Juliet. Walk down a bit further to appreciate the brilliant wood carvings by a local artist.

In the second half of the day visit Ungma, the largest village of the Ao NAgas. Walking the narrow streets and bylanes of this village will give you a brilliant opportunity to interact with the locals and observe the vibrant lifestyle of the Ao community

Day 7: Mokukchung to Tuophema

Drive to Tuophema village, on the way stopover at Longsa village where the Rengma tribe reside. In the evening enjoy a cultural show preformed by the Angami Naga. O/n at Tuophema Tourist cottages

Day 8: Tuophema to Kohima

On reaching the capital city of Nagaland, visit the State Museum which displays artifacts related to all the sixteen tribes. Free time in the evening to explore the city. O/n at a hotel in Kohima

Day 9: Kohima

In the morning throw a head around the Kohima market, probably the most interesting fresh market in all of North East. From here proceed to the Kisama Heritage village where one can see the traditional dormitories of the sixteen Naga tribes. Adjacent to the village in the World War II museum where the epic Battle of Kohima has been recreated. O/n at a hotel in Kohima

Day 10: Kohima to Khonoma

Your first stop would be at the World War II cemetery , built to commemorate all the brave solders who laid down their life in the 1944 battle of Kohima. From here proceed to Khonoma village – the stronghold of the Angami tribe. Walk around this picturesque village to acquaint yourself with its historic past and interact with some of the basket weavers. O/n at a homestay in Khonoma

Day 11: Khonoma

Khonoma was the first village in Nagaland to ban logging and hunting, converting itself into a green village. In 1998 the villagers demarcated 70 sq.kms of the community forest as a reserved forest christening it the Khonoma Nature Conservation and Tragopan Sanctuary. Undertake a trek to the sanctuary, enjoying its rich bird life. O/n at a homestay in Khonoma.

Day 12: Khonoma to Dimapur airport

After breakfast drop to Dimapur airport

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